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How to Pack for your Move

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North Park recommends using dish packs for china and glassware. Place plenty of cushioning material in the bottom of the carton and between layers.

Wrap each item in several sheets of clean paper. Begin wrapping items from the corner of the paper, tucking the edges as you roll. Place items in the box with rims down. Remember, the heavier pieces go on the bottom!

Plates should be wrapped individually using several sheets of paper. Start from the corner, wrapping diagonally, continuously tucking in overlapping edges. Bundle four to six plates in a double layer of newspaper. Place bundles in a row, standing them on edge. Surround each bundle with crushed paper, being careful to leave no unfilled spaces.

Stand shallow bowls on edge. Deep bowls (such as mixing bowls) are nested two or three together, on their rims. Wrap sugar bowl lids in tissue, turning them upside down on the bowl before wrapping them together. Place sugar bowls, pitchers and similar pieces upright in the carton.

Cups and glassware should be wrapped in a double layer of paper and placed on rims, in a row, on the upper layer within the box with all the handles facing upward in the same direction.

Moving Silverware

You will want to wrap silverware and flatware together in sets or individually with clear plastic or tissue.

All silverware should be plastic wrapped to prevent tarnishing. All other items subject to tarnish should be wrapped and carefully packed away for the move.

Moving Books

There is a strategy to packing and moving books. Books are hefty, so you will want to use small boxes. Be sure to bundle similarly sized books together.

Moving Lamps

All parts of the lamp are fragile and removable. Be sure to wrap the bulb, harp and base separately. Shades should be wrapped with care and placed within a few sheets of tissue paper, a pillow or lightweight towel.

Moving Glass Table Tops, Marble Slabs, Mirros and Art

Please consult with your North Park representative about custom-made cartons or crates for items.

Moving Clothing

Do not pack heavy items on top of shoes. Place all shoes in their respective boxes and place in larger boxes. If you're packing high heels, be sure to cushion them so that they don't damage other items in the packing process.

Most clothes should be left on hangers and transported in wardrobe cartons.

Linen and bedding can be used to pad fragile items. They can also be placed in large, lined boxes.

Moving Draperies, Curtains and Rugs

Place drapes and curtains on hangers and leave in a wardrobe carton. You can also place them in large, lined boxes. Rugs and carpets should be rolled and placed on the truck.

Moving Photographs and Valuables

If possible, carry all valuables and photos with you to your new destination.

Make sure all pictures are placed in albums. Photos not in albums should be wrapped. North Park suggests storing loose photos in separate boxes during the shipping process. If possible, carry all photos with you.